Stripes and Skinny Jeans

"if we could only have this life for one more day...if we could only turn back time."
im kat and i cannot even.


playlist for niall’s violent masturbation session:

  • climax by usher
  • glad you came by the wanted
  • beat it by michael jackson
  • midnight show by the killers
  • all night long by lionel richie
  • push it by salt n’ peppa
  • scream and shout by & britney
  • dirty little secret by all american rejects

i had to sorry.

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Preference #1 His Favorite Thing About You


Louis- your bum…he thinks its even better than his(;

Zayn-your eyes- he loves looking into them and he loves the color of them.

Liam-your smile- he loves when you smile it signals to him that he’s making you happy

Niall-your laugh- he loves how you throw your head back when you laugh,it brightens his day.

Harry-your hair- he loves running his hands through it, he loves how soft and smooth it is.

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